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Autel MaxiCOM MK908 from AutelStore Support Multiple Language

Autel MK908 is a new arrival tool of Autel Brand. It is not famous till now. But i guess you might know Maxisys MS908 very well, right? Autel MaxiCom MK908 is works as great as Maxisys MS908. they have the same functions and vehicle suported list. But MaxiCOM MK908 has better hardware configuration, this makes… Read More »

Autel MK908P VS Maxisys Elite VS MS908P

Welcome to Today we would like to welcome our new arrival tool Autel MaxiCOM MK908P which is as powerful as the MS908P. Then there might be many clients has doubt about their differences, so here i would like to share you more details about their difference Differences Between MK908P and MS908P The MK908P is… Read More »

Why You Need Autel MaxiCOM MK908P?

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P, the upgraded version of MS908P, Offering comprehensive OE-level diagnostics, ECU coding and BMW/Benz ECU programming, the MK908P is an ideal automotive diagnostic tool for mechanics to troubleshoot the warning lights and fix the vehicle control modules’ issues Advantages: 1. ADVANCED HARDWARE: MK908P, as the advanced version of MS908P, features Hexa-Core processor upgraded… Read More »

Technical Specifications of the Autel Maxisys Elite

If you’re looking for nothing less than the best OBD2 scanner on the market, then look no further than the Autel Maxisys Elite scan tool. Autel Scanner is well known for their quality scanner. And the Autel Maxisys is well-known for its speed, multi-tasking, and simplicity. The Autel MS908CV scanner has the same features, but… Read More »

What Can Autel MaxiIM IM608 Do for You?

Autel MaxiIM IM608 same as Auro OtoSys IM600, IM608 as All System Diagnostics, having the art 10- inch Android-based touchscreen tablet, support Automatic WiFi Online update.It’s the ideal combination of key programming equipment and immobilizer capabilities with OE-level diagnostics and service functions tool for car hobbyist and auto repair stores to get faster and more… Read More »

Autel Maxisys MS908S Pro VS Maxisys MS908P

New Arrival Tool Autel Maxisys MS908S Pro is really high quality, and it is the updated version of Maxisys MS908P. Many clients are curious about the exact different between them. and then can hardly decide which one can better fit their demand. Here is would like to show you some detailsDifference between Autel MS908S Pro and MS908P… Read More »

What The Autel MS908S Pro Can Do for You?

One of the MaxiSys series devices, the Autel MS908S Pro Diagnostic Platform bases on the revolutionary Android multitasking operating system, utilizes the powerful Cortex A7+A15 six-core processor, and equips with 9.7-inch LED capacitive touch screen. Supporting J2534 ECU Programming Device is capable of replacing the existing software/firmware in the Electronic Control Units (ECU), programming new… Read More »