MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All System+DS model Erasing Codes

By | August 5, 2016

Ater reading the code of with MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All System, the nest step is to erase code.

CAUTION: Erasing the Diagnostic Trouble Codes may allow the scan tool to delete not only the codes from the vehicle’s on-board computer, but also “Freeze Frame” data and manufacturer specific enhanced data. Further, the I/M Readiness Monitor Status for all vehicle monitors is reset to Not Ready or Not Complete status. Do not erase the codes before the system has been checked completely by a technician.

NOTE: Erasing codes does not mean that trouble codes in ECU have been eliminated completely. As long as there is fault with the vehicle, the trouble codes keeps on presenting. This function is performed with key on engine off (KOEO). Do not start the engine.

1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll buttons to select Erase Codes from Diagnostics Menu and press the OK button.

2) A warning message comes up asking for your confirmation. If you do not want to proceed with erasing codes, press ESC button or select NO to exit and return to previous screen.


3) Press the OK button to confirm. If the codes are cleared successfully, an “Erase Done!” confirmation message shows on the display.


If the codes are not cleared, then an “Erase Failure. Turn Key on with Engine off!” message appears.


4) Press any button to return to Diagnostic Menu.

About how to read code with MaxiDiag Elite MD802 All System, check the use manual from:
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