Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 Test Report OK and Fail

By | September 8, 2016

Got an Autel MaxiDiag MD802 with all system for $249 after Innova, Actron, Actron II and Autel OLS301, I like them all. The Innova with the three LED’s in the front can easy tell you if your vehicle is going to pass smog test or not, the Actron is probably the easiest to use with live data but no graphing, the Actron II was my first OBDII reader (1999) and is kinda obsolete. The Autel MD802 has the most features, nothing’s better at that price range, and you get graphing, live data, SRS, ABS, ECU, make-specific scans (bi-directional in auto mode, not controllable), upgradable, built-in 4GB memory, color screen, etc. etc. The Autel tool makes the Innova look like a toy. and the Autel OLS301 is a scanner and can also reset oil service light, service mileage and service intervals for cars like BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, etc.

FOR diagnose Land Rover Discovery, Autel MD802 reads every module on just about every model of car. So far it’s pinpointed traction control sensor on an old ML, and told me which HVAC servo was broken on the cayenne. Now that I think about it, I should hook it up to the old disco and find out why the ABS light was.
OS requirement: The tool does NOT support Apple computers. You will need a Windows PC to update.

Update and register:

The first thing you need to do is update the unit to the newest software releases. This is done online. In order to update, you must first register your product.
The needed “serial number” is on a sticker on both the box and also on the back of the unit. You will also need the
“register password.” This is NOT something you make up. This is a six digit number IN THE TOOL’s “Setup/ about” screen (see p. 15, Figure 3.6 in the User’s Manual). You will need to turn the tool on, then press “Setup” and then press “About” to get to the screen with the information you need.
To turn the unit on requires external power. Easiest is to connect the included USB cable to a powered USB PC port and also to the MD802 unit. Once you have the serial number and register password, you can go to and create an account.
Autel MD802 unit stores it’s information in its provided SD Card. Press the SD Card in lightly and it will pop out. Note
that it is installed with the electrical contacts UP, not down. You update the SD Card and then return it to your scan unit to achieve the update/s. You will need a SD Card reader. If your PC does not have one built-in you can plug a portable one into one of the PC’s USB ports. The readers are inexpensive. I found that I needed to install the card + reader into the USB port and then RESTART my PC. Otherwise the software doesn’t see the PC Card.
Now, the update software is on a CD included with the tool. Install it. Then start it by double clicking on the Update icon that the software placed on your desktop. It will first ask you if you want to update the System Software (assuming yours is out of date), select “Yes.” You will now see many automobile file updates that you can download and install. I would NOT do the first one, Some are fairly quick to install and some are painfully slow, especially the Mercedes related group. They all downloaded fairly quickly. I Installed them one at a time. It took a couple of hours.
When you are done updating, exit the update program, safely disconnect your USB drive IN SOFTWARE (for WinXP), then return the SD Card to the unit… remember, contacts UP.
You should be good to go. Good Luck !
For someone, they bought Autel MD802 version with 4 systems (engine, transmission , airbag and ABS), it is able to update from 4 system to full system, for example pay $45 at, send them your device serial number, and wait till they inform you the update done and then you can go update your device online, the process time lasts about 24 hours- 48 hours.

Best unit for dealing with difficult to reset codes

I’ve got a pesky Volvo that trips the airbag light whenever the battery is disconnected in the improper order, when certain electrical components are disconnected, etc.. Every time this happens I have to take the car to the dealer to have them reset the code to the tune of $140 a pop. I got really tired of Autel MD802 and started looking for an OBDII unit that could not only read the codes, but also reset them, including resetting the SRS codes. If you do some research, you will find that the number of units that can actually deal with the non OBDII codes like the airbag, etc. are rare or extremely expensive (like $2000+). Add units that can read Volvo codes to that and you really have a narrow list of options. In fact, Autel MD802 is the only non-Volvo specific unit that I could find that would do everything. The cool part is that this Autel MD802 Four system unit will work on my Wife’s Hyundai, my son’s Mazda, and any other vehicle out there.
It takes a little time to get to know how to navigate through the unit and learn all the features, but once you figure it
out, it is really cool. If all you want to do is read the OBDII codes, then there are much cheaper options out there. If you want to go deeper, then give this unit a look.

It’s not flawless but it is capable of quite a bit…

I manage a fleet of vehicles that include GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Dodge Sprinter vans. Autel MD802 scanner has been very useful. But make sure you do the latest software update from the manufacturer or it won’t do all of the functions it’s capable of. What I can do with Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 scanner is talk to not only the power train and transmission controllers but also the ABS, airbag, and various body controllers. You will have to learn which options to select to get into each module successfully which can be confusing at first because for certain modules and applications you have to go through several screens and pick from lists that don’t always give a good description. Plus it’s different for each vehicle.
The biggest advantage for me is that this scanner will talk to all the modules on our Sprinter vans. You get a lot of
capability for the money. The downsides are the live data; it’s pretty limited information in some modules. The power train live data is fairly complete though. Also this scanner is not always consistent when you are navigating the modules and different screens; once in a while you have to restart it to get it to play nice. Not a huge deal because I used to have to do this with the multi-thousand dollar dealership scan tools that I used. Over all it’s a really good value.